Salvation & Drug

by Amore Ad Lunam

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released August 10, 2016



all rights reserved


Amore Ad Lunam Arecibo, Puerto Rico

Amore Ad Lunam is one of the most prominent Rock bands that have emerged from Puerto Rico since 2006. Their sound consists of a mix between powerful riffs; melodic lead guitars, resonating keyboards and the drumbeats possess compelling vintage rhythmic variations. The vocals are deep mixed of dramatic and razor-breaking choirs. The songs encompass a wide range of rock-based genre. Gothic Metal ... more

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Track Name: Salvation & Drug
"Salvation and Drug"

I'm feeling my heaven
The cold of your touch
You are my angel
Salvation and drug

I was waiting for this night to come
I was waiting just for you to give me

Oh lady help me to find
Salvation and drug x2

I'm losing my heaven
The warm of your touch
Cause you are my secret
Inject me your love

I was waiting for this night to come
I was waiting just for you to give me

Oh lady help me to find
Salvation and drug x2

Let me shine
Let me shine
Salvation and Drug
Track Name: I'm Inside You
"I'm Inside You"

Into your heart and into your something
I am your super galactic
I made you pray but once again you're evil

Loudly you scream for it
Rapidly night and day
Desire, greed and sin

Alright, now babe you want it bad
You put me enchained into your back
Softly your lips caress my demons

Now that I'm inside I need to know
I need to know if this is sane

I'm inside you..

I'm ready to know the sickest one
More more more will take you down
Drowned I'm ready to succumb

Feeling the hunger
It lives within
Our fantasy and pain
Again, that's for you

So why? You can't see that I'm ready to hear your sexy cry..

Since I saw the light beneath your eyes
I'm in love today
Ready to meet your nameless god of ecstasy where nothing plays with you once again

You will learn to stand above
You will learn to take what's you are needing
You will Learn to Stand above yeah
You will learn honesty baby
Track Name: Never Lasting Love
"Never Lasting Love"

Tonight I’m here
Bringing my secrets to life
Don’t be afraid

Tonight I’m here
Singing a song from the heart
A natural instinct

When I was with you it was life
When I was in you I never lied

My heart speaks the language of solitude I never lied to you
My heart speaks the language of death and love
My never lasting girl

Tonight I’m here
Giving myself to the faith
I hope that he guides me

Tonight I’m here
Killing again for the flame
The one that turns me down

I don’t want to say goodbye, never want to lose you in life

The cold that’s in your lips, reminds me of the sin
The sin that haunts me deep, in never lasting love
Oh I don’t know why me, I wish that I could be
A kiss to never fall, in never lasting love